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Muddbox Stone Monument

  • Project: Personal
  • Software: 3DS Max, Muddbox


I started this little project to get familiar with Muddbox 2010 and some of the new features which came with it. I wanted to build a stone structure with lots of details, such as wear and tear, cracks, missing bricks and such.

I created a detailed brush stencil of uneven bricks, some broken, some cracked and some clean, then used that stencil and projected it to all 4 sides of the base object. The hard part was aligning the bricks at each corner, without building them up on each stencil.

Once the bricks were stenciled all around the base object, I had to go in a manually do some small adjustments, cuts and slices right and left to add real looking weather to the bricks, and fix the few areas where they didn't match-up correctly.

Next I used another stencil of a smooth brick wall to breakup the main bricks on the one side, like if it had been blown-up or eaten away by water. On top of that I added a few cracks running down the broken-up area, and used the same stencil in a few other areas.

At last, I added another level of detail on top of everything else with some small wear and tear on most of the bricks around the object. I was pretty happy with the results and achieved what I had in mind.