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Motocross Matchup

  • Company: 2XL Games
  • Position: Lead Artist
  • Responsible For: Modeling and texturing all race-tracks and most world objects.
  • Time-frame: 4 months
  • Platform: iPhone/iPad
  • Levels: Shipped with 7 racetracks

"Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup" is the latest in a series of iPhone games created by 2XL Games.

Like the previous iPhone titles 2XL Games shipped, I was the lead artist on the project in charge of creating racetracks, textures and world objects. Making racetracks, terrains, environments is my specialty so I was like a fish in the water.

"Motocross Matchup" is a head to head, free to play title, which shipped with 7 racetracks in 3 different environments. One of the challenges we were faced with was performance vs quality. Working on the iPhone requires some creative thinking to make things look better then they actually are, in order to keep the frame-rate above 30fps.

The stadium ended up being one of the most expensive piece in the Supercross environments, sitting at around 6000 tris. The poly count wasn't the problem though, the transparency in the crowd, lights and camera flashes was.