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ESPN Snocross


  • Company: 2XL Games
  • Position: Lead Artist, Lead Track Designer
  • Responsible For: Modeling and texturing environments. Managing artist team.
  • Time-frame: 3 months
  • Platform: iPhone/iPad
  • Levels: Shipped with 8 racetracks

ESPN Snocross was 2XL Game's third iPhone/iPad title, which was released just before the 2009 Winter XGames. I was the lead artist for this project and was in charge of managing a team of artists as well as design racetracks and environments.

The images you see are from the Freestyle levels I designed. I was tasked to create 2 of them, each with multiple lines and jumps, with lots of different branches to choose from. The environment with the big ramp was a lot of fun the create, being on a hillside, with a great view down in the valley from the skycube.

>Textures Used...
This is the texture for both the Redbull and ESPN finish gates