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Bercy Supercross 2010 – CG Renders

  • Company: LaRiviere (french organization)
  • Position: Freelance Project
  • Responsible For: Modeling, Texturing, Rendering real 3D model of event settings
  • Time-frame: 2 months

This is a freelance project I did on the side for an big French organization called "LaRiviere", which takes care of putting together events all over France like concerts, soccer games, motocross racing and more. This project was specific to the Paris Bercy Supercross race, a world famous 3 day event where all the best motocross racers in the world come to compete against each other.

Being an retired professional motocross racer myself, and having raced this event many times in the past, I was the perfect man for the job. The organization needed some realistic 3D renders of the 2010 Supercross event they were putting together to attract potential sponsors like "Monster Energy Drinks", "RockStar Energy Drinks", and many other advertisers, French and foreign. I was really excited to work on this project as it gave me the perfect opportunity to learn V-Ray and model/texture some high polygons assets.

The project took about 2 month to complete, with lots of back and forth between the client and I to make sure every new render I had to produce had all the sponsors in the right places.

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