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2XL Atv OffRoad

  • Company: 2XL Games
  • Position: Environment Artist, Track Designer
  • Responsible For: Modeling and texturing race-tracks and world objects.
  • Time-frame: 4 months
  • Platform: iPhone/iPad
  • Levels: Shipped with 18 racetracks

2XL Atv OffRoad was 2XL Game's second iPhone/iPad title, which was released just 4 months after the very popular 2XL Supercross. I was once again an environment artist/track designer and we were able to pack a lot more levels in this new title.

The graphics quality also went up a lot compared to 2XL Supercross, since I was now more familiar with the platform and the newer hardware was getting faster and faster. I was in charge of creating 1 Freestyle track, 4 National tracks and 4 Supercross tracks.

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