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>About Me...

My name is Stephane Roncada, and I am currently the lead environment artist at 2XL Games, based in Phoenix, AZ.

Video Game design is my passion, and I consider myself very lucky to be working in such a creative industry. I start everyday looking forward to create new assets, learn new techniques, and improve my programing skills.

I love working in a creative environment with talented and enthusiastic people, managing art teams, bringing new projects to life and making sure they get done on time, at the highest quality possible.

I am a very easy going person, always positive and thriving to improve my skills. I am very open-minded and very easy to work with, all that matters to me is a better product in the end. I go for perfection in everything I do, but never at the cost of delaying a project.

>Shipped Games...

All the games I have worked on and shipped since 2000. Checkout my portfolio for a quick view at the work I did on each title.


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